Media Pitch Day
On The Shoulder Of Giant:
Startup-Corporate Collaborations
Organizer: HelloReporter & HKTDC

1400 - 1530 . 13 October 17
Innovation Hub, Convention Hall, HKCEC
Tell us about yourself

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The theme of this event is about Startups-Corporate collaboration. Who are your corporate partners?

Collaboration can either be corporate partner or their client
Can you briefly tell us how {{answer_OFM01JuGatmO}} and {{answer_61620213}} work together?

What are the most amazing things (Max. 3 things) including story, number & anything about your startup ?

It can be product, team, customer, experience, traction, best or worst moment, anything etc. Tell us at least one thing.
1st amazing thing is....? *

2nd amazing thing is....?

3rd amazing thing is....?

If you have a PPT or Pitching deck, please share with us for vetting.

Please upload your pitch deck to Google Drive or Dropbox and put the url below. (Remember to set it visible to us!)
You have finished the application! Vetting result will be announced by noon on 9 Oct 2017. Even if you are not selected to pitch to media, you are entitled to join our Media Pitching Workshop on 11 Oct 2017. If you have registered on Eventbrite. Pls click "Yes" to confirm you understand the above. See you! *

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